So long as a glimmer of hope exists, we should never give up. On a finite world a cosmic perspective isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.
                      ——Murmurs of Earth

Galaxy War is a Simulation Game based on Defi +NFT. It's inspired by traditional games like Minecraft, EVE, Roblox, etc. Our goal is to provide players around the world with an ever-expanding METAVERSE product that integrates multiple gaming elements such as simulation operation, starship battle and planet collection.


Each new player must choose one of the3 races (Sidell, Yudak, Mita) and create his/her own character (the race cannot be changed afterwards).


It is the most important unit in the game. By function starships are divided into combat ships, transport ships and collection ships.

Starship weapons

Each Starship in the game has multiple weapon slots, and the weapon obtained in the game must be installed in the corresponding slot to take effect. Weapon types include: missiles, lasers and electromagnetic waves.


Each planet starts off as a virgin land available for occupation by any player. Each planet has its own defense system, and the player can upgrade these defense systems after taking the planet.


Players can freely go into or out of any planetary system. All planetary systems are connected by star gates. Several planetary systems linked to one star gate can form a constellation, and several adjacent constellations can be combined into a star field.


Combat is the core content of Galaxy War. There are two types of combat: PvP (players vs players) and PvE (players vs NPCs).


In the game, players can get basic rewards by defeating NPCs or taking other players' assets by defeating them in combat.


Alliance is a player organization established and managed by players. Each Clan can follow a different development route (commercial development, military, industrial technology, etc.), and the selection of which is entirely up to its player members.

Real-world economy in galaxy war game

Galaxy War offers a unique gaming experience by combining blockchain mechanics with traditional game mechanics. All assets are directly owned by players, and can be traded on the Trading market.